Crystal Godin's trike is a brand new 2010 Honda GL1800 with a Roadsmith Trike Conversion! The Trike is for Crystal. Congratulations Crystal and enjoy your new Trike!

Located in TAX FREE New Hampshire, we offer a tremendous selection of trike conversions. In fact, we are THE trike conversion place! Champion, CSC, Hannigan, RoadSmith, Voyager. Riders of all brands (Japanese, Harley Davidson, BMW, etc.) are welcome to come in and learn about the trike conversions available for your specific model. American Trikes & Motorsports also has a large selection of pre-owned vehicles to fit any style or budget. Check out the changing inventory under "What's on our Floor" Showroom. Also to see in stock trikes on the web page, go to "What's on our floor" and search for trikes, that will bring up the trikes we have at the dealerships.

We've got everything you need for your current ride from helmets to oils and lubricants. Looking for an experienced staff? Doug is on-hand (with his 40-plus years of experience) along with our informed, enthusiastic team members to assist you in making selections with vehicle, conversion kits and of course parts & accessories!